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Online Faculty Evaluation System

PUP-OFES (Online Faculty Evaluation System) is an evaluation system primarily geared to improve the current system of PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) through a customizable web-based solution that will yield to better information for the PUPT Faculty to make data-driven decisions. This application, therefore, will hasten the traditional system for evaluation of using criteria forms and is expected to gain higher participation making it online for free access of both PUPTaguig faculty and staff, together with the students, and make it easier for everyone to participate and communicate their thoughts to provide useful information necessary for developing the Institute, as well as the PUP Community.


*** How to Login ***

To access your account, please fill out the form with your Account Information provided by the Registrar Information System.

For NON-SIS users, please login your Student Number as your Username and Password.

*** Important Reminders ***

When evaluating, be cautious on rating each category. Use the Criteria specified below (5 is equivalent to the highest rate while 1 must be the lowest).

5 Outstanding The performance almost exceeds the job requirements. The faculty is an exceptional role model.
4 Very Satisfactory Performance meets and often exceeds job requirements.
3 Satisfactory Performance meets the job requirements.
2 Fair Performance needs improvement to meet job requirements.
1 Poor The faculty fails to meet the job requirements.

Viewing and Printing of Certificates are only allowed during the evaluation schedule provided by the administrator. Please secure a copy of your certificate because there´s no other way to reprint your certificate once the evaluation period is done.

Whenever you have a problem on your evaluation, just contact us here or tell us via sms ( 09292082668, 09488320526 ). Please provide us the issue together with your student number. Thank you.

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